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Rhythm Hive
一款下落式音乐节奏游戏 如果出现卡进度和提示异常等问题,登录谷歌账号后,可以正常进入游戏。
▶ Real-time multiplayer rhythm game that you can enjoy with users from all over the world Rhythm Hive is more fun when enjoyed with friends who like the same artist. Play now! ▶ Part Play where you can choose a member's part to play! Focus on the part you selected and complete your artist's music together. ▶ Albums have photo cards, and Rhythm Hive has Performance Cards! Use the Performance Cards in the set music and get high scores! The diverse abilities of cards! Check Rhythm Hive now! ▶ Modes that you can choose and enjoy at your whim Studio mode that will increase your skill is just the basics! Live Stage mode where you can share parts with your friends! Play it now! In the Mix Challenge, you can challenge our own MIX with three songs. ▶ Activities for your artist's growth Shall we check the diverse activities that you can play in Rhythm Hive? The artists' growth continues. ▶ Lovable concept photo Check Rhythm Hive's exclusive concept photos that will win your heart! You will fall in love at first sight! ▶ Mission, a way to enjoy the artist's music in diverse ways! Introducing a new way to enjoy the artist's music. Let's go and enjoy the performance in a more exciting way through missions, shall we? Enjoy with BTS, TOMORROW X TOGETHER and ENHYPEN. See you at Rhythm Hive right now! [Smartphone App Permissions] We ask to grant access for permissions to provide the services below while using the app. ■ Required Permissions ■ Optional Permissions ※ You can use the service without granting optional permissions. ■ How to Revoke App Permissions ※ The app may not provide the function to grant permissions individually, and you can revoke permissions in the following methods. Settings > Personal Information Protection > Select Permissions > Grant or Revoke Permissions [Product Information and Terms] ※ A separate fee is charged for purchasing paid content. ▶ Payment amounts and methods are separately announced and are different for each product. (The actual charged amount may differ for foreign currencies depending on the exchange rate, fee, etc.) ▶ Product terms and period are announced separately in the game. ▶ You can purchase the subscription product via in-app purchase, and the transaction is made each month from the date of your first purchase until you cancel the subscription. ※ If you don't cancel the subscription within 24 hours before the next transaction day, it is renewed automatically, and the cancellation is handled in accordance with the Market's cancellation policy. Privacy Policy: https://superbcorp.com/app/rhythmhive/privacy/privacy_v1.html?lang=en Terms of Service: https://superbcorp.com/app/rhythmhive/terms/terms_v1.html?lang=en ▶可以与来自世界各地的用户一起享受的实时多人节奏游戏 与喜欢同一位艺术家的朋友一起玩时,Rhythm Hive会更有趣。现在播放! ▶部分演奏,您可以在其中选择成员的演奏部分! 专注于您选择的部分,并一起完成您艺术家的音乐。 ▶相册有照片卡,节奏蜂巢有性能卡! 在设定的音乐中使用性能卡并获得高分! 卡的各种能力!立即检查Rhythm Hive! ▶随心所欲选择和享受的模式 工作室模式将提高您的技能,这只是基础知识! 现场演出模式,您可以与朋友分享音乐!立即播放! 在混音挑战中,您可以用三首歌曲挑战我们自己的MIX。 ▶促进艺术家成长的活动 我们可以检查一下您在Rhythm Hive中可以进行的各种活动吗? 艺术家的成长仍在继续。 ▶可爱的概念照片 查看Rhythm Hive的独家概念照片,这将赢得您的心脏! 您将一见钟情! ▶使命,一种以多种方式欣赏艺术家音乐的方式! 介绍一种欣赏艺术家音乐的新方法。 让我们通过任务以更令人兴奋的方式去欣赏表演,对吧? 与BTS,TOMORROW X TOGETHER和ENHYPEN一起享受。 立即在Rhythm Hive见! [智能手机应用程序权限] 我们要求在使用该应用时授予访问权限以提供以下服务。 ■所需权限 ■可选权限 ※您可以在不授予可选权限的情况下使用该服务。 ■如何撤销应用程序权限 ※该应用程序可能不提供单独授予权限的功能,您可以通过以下方法撤销权限。 设置>个人信息保护>选择权限>授予或撤消权限 [产品信息和条款] ※购买付费内容需另外付费。 ▶支付金额和付款方式另行宣布,每种产品不同。 (根据汇率,费用等,外币的实际收取金额可能有所不同) ▶产品条款和期限在游戏中另行宣布。 ▶您可以通过应用内购买来购买订阅产品,并且从首次购买之日起直到取消订阅为止的每个月进行交易。 ※如果您没有在下一个交易日前24小时内取消订阅,则订阅将自动更新,并根据市场的取消政策进行处理。 隐私政策:https://superbcorp.com/app/rhythmhive/privacy/privacy_v1.html?lang=en 服务条款:https://superbcorp.com/app/rhythmhive/terms/terms_v1.html?lang=en